Active Substance

Vitamin A + Dexpanthenol

Form / Strength

  • Skin cream
  • 50g tube
  • Every g of cream contains Vitamin A 7.055 I.U. + Dexpanthenol 20mg


NOVAQUASOL A is a topical vitamin-containing cream, which combines the anti-hyperkeratotic action of vitamin A with the proven anti-pruritic, epithelium-regenerative and healing action of panthenol. Vitamin A acts beneficially in cases of hyperkeratosis dysplastic skin and restores the skin’s natural state. Panthenol activates division of fibroblasts and hence production of collagen and elastic fibres, both beneficial for skin healing. The special hydrophilic excipient Novaquasol Α penetrates the skin, is absorbed by the epidermis and the underlying layers and ensures a rapid therapeutic result.

It is used by applying a small quantity of cream, avoiding eye contact.


For more information, please see the Patient Information Leaflet.

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