Bacterial vaginosisis one of the commonest vaginal infections occurring in women of any age throughout their life. Symptoms include vaginal itching, increased odorous, gray-white discharge with a typical “fishy” odor and discomfort.

AQUASOL FEMINA Bacterial Vagnosis is a gel specially formulated to treat problems caused by bacterial vaginosis such as undesired discharge and/or bad odour as well as to prevent undesired discharge, bad odour and other related problems.  It forms a type of protective coating on the vaginal mucous membrane and this barrier is attached thus creating a protective layer.

AQUASOL FEMINA Bacterial Vaginosis:

  • Limits the attachment of harmful bacteria and microorganisms on the mucous membrane, thus forming an unfavourable environment for them.
  • It supports the normal tissue repair system.
  • It optimises the state of the mucous membrane, stabilising the pH at optimal levels for the acidity of the vagina.
  • It restores the balance of the normal vaginal flora.
  • It keeps the vagina hydrated.
  • It clears away unpleasant odours.
  • It relieves discharge, itching and irritation.


  • Treatment of symptoms caused by bacterial vaginosis, such as bad odour, irritation and discharge.
  • Sensitivity to infections of bacterial vaginosis.

Instructions for use

  • It is applied on the vagina and the surrounding area to relieve bacterial vaginosis symptoms.
  • It may also be applied internally in the vagina by using the included applicators.
  • For everyday hygiene and good health in this sensitive area, we recommend the use of AQUASOL FEMINA Intimate Cleansing Foam.


CE 0476

Please consult your gynecologist and seek products of the AQUASOL FEMINA series only in pharmacies.