Vaginal atrophy may occur in any woman but is more common in menopausal women due to the reduction in oestrogen levels. Symptoms include vaginal dryness, burning sensation, pain and discomfort, which are particularly annoying in their everyday lives.

AQUASOL FEMINA Vaginal Atrophy is a cream specially formulated to treat problems caused by vaginal atrophy as well as to prevent its symptoms. It is a moisturising factor that acts locally as a layer on top of the mucous membrane, providing relief from symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy.

AQUASOL FEMINA Vaginal Atrophy

  • It adheres on the mucous membrane, thus forming a protective barrier.
  • It nurtures and restores normal moisture in the vagina.
  • It improves the state of the vaginal flora thanks to the maintenance of hydration in the vaginal tissue.
  • It helps healing of the damaged tissue.
  • It relieves dryness, burning sensation, pain and discomfort.
  • It prevents vaginal atrophy.
  • It contains natural ingredients.


  • Treatment of symptoms of vaginal atrophy
  • Prevention of vaginal atrophy

Instructions for use

  • It is applied on the vagina and the surrounding area to relieve vaginal atrophy symptoms.
  • It may also be applied internally in the vagina by using the included applicator.
  • For everyday hygiene and good health in this sensitive area, we recommend the use of AQUASOL FEMINA¬†Intimate Cleansing Foam.

CE 0476

Please consult your gynecologist and seek products of the AQUASOL FEMINA series only in pharmacies.