AQUASOL FEMINA Intimate Cleansing Foam is a cleansing foam specially formulated for daily hygiene, ideal to revitalise and maintain good health in the sensitive area.

  • It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that act together.
  • It relieves discomfort, itching, redness and burning sensation.
  • It helps maintain a normal pH in the vagina and good hygiene.
  • It is easily applied using the provided dispenser that contains 170 doses.
  • It is suitable for the needs of every woman.

Instructions for use

For better results, dispense 2-3 times and massage gently the vaginal area. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. You may apply this product twice per day or as needed.

Please use it before any other AQUASOL FEMINA product.


Please consult your gynecologist or pharmacist and seek products of the AQUASOL FEMINA series only in pharmacies.