Vaginal yeast infection (candidiasis) is a common condition amongst women, which can cause discomfort in everyday life. Symptoms include intense vaginal itching, pain, white, thick, odourless discharge and discomfort.

AQUASOL FEMINA Candidiasis is a soothing gelcream that adheres to the vaginal mucous membrane forming a protective barrier that helps protect the vagina and the normal vaginal tissue.

A healthy vagina is normally acidic and using AQUASOL FEMINA Candidiasis helps maintain the optimal pH so as have a healthy vagina.


  • Limits the attachment of harmful microorganisms on the mucous membrane, thus forming an unfavourable environment for them.
  • Helps restore and protect the normal vaginal flora. A healthy vaginal flora means less recurrent vaginal problems.
  • It helps keep a normal pH and a normal vaginal moisture.
  • It relieves discharge, itching, irritation, pain and sensitivity.
  • It reduces risk of recurrence


  • Treatment of symptoms caused by vaginal yeast infection, such as itching, redness, pain or discharge.
  • Prevention of recurrence of vaginal yeast infections.

Instructions for use

  • It is applied on the vagina and the surrounding area to relieve vaginal yeast infection symptoms.
  • It may also be applied internally in the vagina by using the provided applicators.
  • For everyday hygiene and good health in this sensitive area, we recommend the use of AQUASOL FEMINA Intimate Cleansing Foam.   


CE 0476

Please consult your gynecologist and seek products of the AQUASOL FEMINA series only in pharmacies.